A business encounters many difficult situations daily. The most difficult situation a business owner can face is to decide whether the business should close its doors. Many issues can lead up to this decision, however, it can be more difficult to know that dealing with an issue was attainable and affordable.

Online security threats of cybercrime, Trojan horse, malware, ransomware and other errors are on the rise putting more businesses in danger than ever before. “60% of small companies go out of business in six months of a cyberattack,” according to Small Biz Trends. Cyber criminals want to get financial information, personally identifiable information. Businesses need to have a plan in place to protect the business from any of the above situations. Having a solid IT plan is a must, to ward off threats and to plan ahead if something were to happen to the business. As the leading provider of internet access and IT services in the Puget Sound, we offer various access options and top rated support teams to provide your business with the flexibility and convenience you deserve. Our veteran management team, has solid technical foundations, and dedication to helping customers achieve their goals.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Today businesses deal with all sorts of attacks and issues aiming to disrupt day-to-day service. Results from these can be extremely damaging for a business. Our qualified professionals are readily available 24-hours a day to be dispatched to an office or from our Network Operations Center we are able to focus on all your IT needs. From server monitoring and administration, hardware repair and upgrades to security audits or general software and hardware recommendations—we’ve got you covered.

Consulting Network Troubleshooting

For ongoing issues to emergency situations our qualified professionals provide 24-hour support to resolve network problems and restore systems. Our team also offers extended monitoring for any network device, server or application to figure out the root cause and resolve it indefinitely.

Backup Recovery

Without backup recovery in place your business could lose it all from cyberattacks, simple errors or other reasons. Having a reliable backup solution in place to protect your business is crucial. Connect Northwest uses the most advanced backup technology available today. Our backup solutions are best suited for customers that have a dedicated server or colocated servers who require reliable, affordable and secure backups. For customers who would like a place to backup and store their data in an alternative data center our Simple Backup (Network Attached Storage) options is ideal. Customers who require a more comprehensive and managed backup solution for Linux, Windows and SQL our CDP (Continuous Data Protection) Backup is best.

Learn how our qualified IT professionals can help your business survive day-to-day issues, build and maintain an efficient business with our breadth of services. Contact our team or call 1-888-583-3171, they are happy to help!